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CTET परीक्षा तैयारी कैसे करे? Maths Shortcuts, Tips, Tricks By Toppers

CTET Preparation 2017 – Model Paper, Sample Paper, Previous Paper: Tips, Tricks, Maths Preparation Shortcuts Download in PDF format online on Official website. How to Prepare for CTET – Best Books for CTET Preparation. Old Question Papers for CTET Preparation, CTET Study Material, CTET Previous Paper 2017 Download Online. Cracking a CTET Exam in the first attempt is a mandatory goal for students. Sometimes they go under a lot of pressure and really mess things up. To prevent this from happening, a student needs to have a plan on how he proposes to study for the upcoming entrance test. No, you’re not going to have a horrific plan, but you will have a plan and you will follow it to crack the CENTRAL TEACHER ELIGIBILITY TEST Feb 2017.

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Now first things first, know your enemy well, treat CTET 2017  as something to overcome, you will have to have knowledge about the examination.

CTET Preparation 2017 – Model Paper, Sample Paper, Previous Paper 

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CTET परीक्षा तैयारी कैसे करे? Maths Shortcuts, Tips, Tricks By Toppers 

Now that you have enough information to start on, there are some basic principles of preparing for an entrance exam (believe it or not)

  • Maintain Health

Now this will seem a little off the topic but it isn’t, many students can’t prepare or cannot prepare well enough for the entrance exam because of their poor health, and most of the time it is the result of their own ignorance about their body.

Now here’s something you can do to maintain your health.

  1. Start with Meditation. It will keep peace in your mind, yes the exam is an enemy, but you know it so well that it is easy to tackle, and you are absolutely going to do it when it is the right time.
  2. Try breathing the right way. The right way is to take deep breaths, this will take it’s time to get right, but you will do just fine.
  3. Get rid of stress. Get proper sleep.
  4. Eat healthy.
  5. Stop smoking or alcohol consuming for the preparation period if possible.
  6. Stay organized (Time management)

Organization will require a plan. To stay organized, you have to make a list of things. It will have 3 sections, Topics you absolutely know/understand, Topics that you know a little about, and Topics that you know absolutely nothing about.

Now after you have your list, it is time to act on that. Every second count, with every second slipping off your hand (even while reading this article) you are giving up an opportunity to do something regarding the entrance exam. The most difficult part of any exam preparation is Time Management.

Make a timetable/schedule; don’t feel depressed if you cannot follow it right, most of the people can’t. But that doesn’t mean you stop trying.

  • Old is Gold (Learn from the past)

Not talking about any other Heath Ledger movie, but the good old question papers! Studying them will help you understand the pattern (if there is any) of questions asked and also your weaknesses and strength. This is something that can play the Joker in your preparation cards. It is noticed that no large change happens in every year pattern of the exam, you can always sort out things that are important by simply studying the previous year’s papers.

Now once you have, compare it to your list that you made. You will know which Topic to give High priority and which one to give Low.

  • Start studying already!

What else do you need? You have your plan, you have a schedule, you have your priorities and all you need to do now is to study according to your plan.

Here are some things I can think of:

  1. Sort your resources, as you will have many, give them priorities too, because let’s face it; there will not be enough time to go through all these stuff. Set a timespan in which you should complete one.
  2. Participate in different tests, which will allow you to test yourself and keep a track of things if they are going the right way. Also, it will give you an idea of how much time do you need to write a paper on average and work on it if needs are.
  3. Forget the myths like entrance exams are hard to crack and blah blah, after all, these are called myths for a reason.
  4. Everybody fears something, if you fear this entrance test, there is nothing wrong in it, but know that you can overcome any fear and you will have to overcome this.
  5. One of the best thing that helps in this is to find motivation, it can be anything that motivates you to do anything about this examination.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, do comment below, we will get back to you ASAP.

And stay tuned for more updates and news about CBSE CTET

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